Is It A Talent Issue at South Carolina?

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One of the questions that has been raised since the disaster on Thursday night against Texas A&M is whether it came down to bad scheme/gameplan or if the Gamecocks were simply talent deficient in the game.  The answer to that question is important because if it was simply an issue of scheme/gameplan that can be corrected but if the Gamecocks don't have the talent then that spells trouble.  Looking back:

2011 - South Carolina #17 Class - Texas A&M #35 Class
2012 - South Carolina #17 Class - Texas A&M #16 Class
2013 - South Carolina #20 Class - Texas A&M #9 Class
2014 - South Carolina # 16 Class - Texas A&M #5 Class

As you can see, the Aggies have consistently been reeling in stronger and stronger classes while the Gamecocks have been maintaining a Top 20 Class every season.  The rankings truly don't seem to have that much of a disparity.  However, when you take a closer look the top flight talent disparity is a little larger:

2011 - South Carolina - 1 Five Star/6 Four Stars - Texas A&M - 0 Five Stars/5 Four Stars
2012 - South Carolina - 0 Five Stars/9 Four Stars - Texas A&M - 2 Five Stars/9 Four Stars
2013 - South Carolina - 0 Five Stars/ 4 Four Stars - Texas A&M - 1 Five Star/14 Four Stars
2014 - South Carolina - 0 Five Stars/10 Four Stars - Texas A&M - 3 Five Stars/11 Four Stars

When you do the math it shows that their is quite a large talent disparity.  South Carolina has recruited 1 Five Star athlete and 29 Four Star athletes in the last four years.  During that same time period the Aggies had recruited  6 Five Star athletes and 39 Four star athletes.  That is a big difference.

Looking ahead to the UGA game, Georgia has recruited 9 Five Star athletes and 41 Four Star athletes between the Class of 2011 and 2014.  Therefore, if it is a talent deficiency in South Carolina the result of the game against UGA should be very similar to the game against the Aggies regardless of what South Carolina does scheme wise against the Bulldogs.

It will be a fascinating watch and will be very interesting to see how South Carolina matches up athletically against the Bulldogs who appear to be much stronger on paper.

What do you think?  Is it a talent problem in South Carolina or a scheme/gameplan issue?

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The Dawgs problem is attrition.
When it comes to this game I think you can throw all that stuff right out the window. For some reason SC plays over their heads against year in and year out. In spite of the lopsided victory by A&M, I fully expect that SC will have straightened out their defensive woes and the offense will be much improved by the time we park our bus in their parking lot. This will not be a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination.
It will never be a cakewalk against the Gamecocks, you definitely have that right. They could lose to ECU this weekend and Williams Brice would still be rocking and the Gamecocks would be ready for a fight just to ruin our "dream season". It will be a big test because our last trip to Columbia did not go to well...
And Clowney was their lone 5 star.....
That is correct. They do not have a single 5-star recruit left on their roster.

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