Gamecocks v. Georgia PREDICTION!

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It is time for my favorite game of the season.  Nothing gives me more pride and brings me more happiness than beating Georgia, except for beating Clemson.  But this game carries so much more meaning because it is a conference game and a victory would make us the favorite to win the SEC East this season and we need to get back to the Dome this year.  It is our turn to take a shot at the SEC West after Georgia has been in the Dome the last two years even though we have beaten them.

We all know that this is a game that Spurrier really gets excited for every year, he has despised Georgia since his days as a player at Florida and he loves nothing more than to beat Georgia.  With our guys having played on Thursday night we essentially have three days more rest than UGA whose game did not end until almost midnight on Saturday night.  Our Gamecocks should be well rested and a lot of the dings from Week 1 should be pretty close to healed.  Playing on Thursday also gave the team a chance to sit back on Saturday night and watch the entire Georgia game versus Clemson and get in a little extra film study to see how Georgia can be exploited.  After watching the Clemson game I feel really good about how our strengths matchup against their weaknesses.  Our offensive line and defensive lines are a strength of this team and those two units looked like weaknesses for Georgia.  I think you are going to see Spurrier really pound the ball behind our big offensive line and get Connor out of the pocket on a lot of play action bootlegs to give him time to launch the ball downfield.  Spurrier is going to be incredibly aggressive going for the big play to try to quiet the Georgia crowd.  On defense the formula is the same as last year.  We are going to turn our front four loose and tell them to hit Murray every time they have the opportunity.  In the secondary we are going to get up in their receivers faces and bump them to disrupt their timing with Murray which flusters him as well.

This is a perfect matchup for our team the way we are currently built and there is a reason why we have beat them three years in a row.  The trend continues this weekend, Gamecocks 34 – Georgia 17.

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