DOMINATE The Dawgs This Weekend?

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I don't know about you but I am feeling very optimistic about the game this weekend against UGA after watching them play Clemson this weekend and seeing their weaknesses.  In my opinion their weaknesses are at areas where it is our strength. Here are my thoughts:

(1) The UGA Offensive Line is Soft - After watching UGA play Clemson and seeing the Clemson defensive line be able to push UGA around our defensive line should dominate them.  Even more than that I think Clowney is really going to get on track because UGA has no answer for him at Left Tackle.  I am seeing another monster game against UGA coming from him.

(2) Weakness against the Run - UGA had a hard time stopping Clemson from running the ball and we have a much bigger and stronger offensive line than Clemson so I am expecting us to be able to push them around.  I think Davis and Wilds are going to go for over 200 yards in this game.

(3) Connor Shaw - UGA had  lot of trouble with Boyd's elusiveness and while Shaw is not the same kind of passer Boyd is I believe Shaw is the better runner and he will have a big game.

How are you feeling heading into this weekends game against UGA?

jadeveon clowney photo: Jadeveon Clowney ClowneyScariest4pointstance.png

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