Did UGA Flip Bryson-Allen Williams this Weekend?

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Bryson Allen-Williams (BAW), the 6'1 225 pound linebacker from Cedar Grove HS, has quickly become one of the hottest topics as Signing Day draws near.  BAW has been a Gamecock commit since April 15, 2013 but after his incredibly performance in the US-Army All American game and a coaching change at UGA his recruitment has suddenly exploded.  On the weekend of January 17 he was in Columbia, the weekend of January 24 he was in Tuscaloosa and he spent this weekend in Athens.

Once thought to be a 100% lock to the Gamecocks it became apparent that Alabama gave him something to think about last weekend and now this weekend it appears that UGA and Jeremy Pruitt have made a huge impression.  Around kickoff time of the Super Bowl, BAW tweeted - “Off Twitter till Wednesday… Need some time to think”.  It is clear that he is going to be doing some major thinking and soul searching over the next few days because this is the most important decision of his young life.

So the major question this weekend is, did UGA show BAW enough to make him flip to the Bulldogs on Signing Day?  If I had to put money on it I would still put it on him to sign with South Carolina.  However, UGA has made this very very close.  Much closer than any Gamecocks fan or “Insider” will want you to believe. 

This will be fascinating to watch on Signing Day and certainly one of the most interesting subplots on Signing Day.

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Nope - looks like he is staying Cocky!

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