Carolina v. UNC - Week 1 REPORT CARD

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One game in the books and one victory.  It wasn't the best game I have seen us play but it was good enough to get the job done and good enough to where I never had any doubt that we were going to win the game.  I'll definitely take the victory, there was definitely some good and some bad as is the case in any first game of the season so I will give our team grades for Week 1.

Quarterbacks - [B] - Shaw did a nice job with his arm and as usual did a good job using his feet to extend plays and getting positive yardage.  He made a lot of nice throws and his receivers dropped a few balls but you need to complete more than just 11 of 20 passes.  Dylan Thompson's cameo appearance was outstanding with a beautiful 29 yard TD strike.  Most importantly no turnovers from the QB position.

Runningbacks - [B] - Davis and Wilds did a nice job running tough between the tackles and had great ball security.  Davis surprised me a little bit with his straight line speed on that 75 yard TD run where nobody was going to catch him.  I like the combination of Wilds and Davis moving forward this season.

Receivers - [B -] - It was a nice evening for the receivers.  Roland had a very solid game except for one bad drop.  I think they had a little bit of trouble getting open sometimes but overall were fine.  One thing  I was very disappointed in was their run blocking on the perimeter, it was pretty poor most of the game.

Offensive Line - [C] - I will make this short and sweet.  They did a nice job run blocking but they weren't dominant which I thought they would be against North Carolina.  The pass protection was pretty poor.  North Carolina was able to get a lot of pressure on Shaw forcing him to flush the pocket.

Defensive Line - [B -] - There is no doubt that the defensive line is the strength of our defense but they let me down tonight.  Clowney was held in check and looked to be out of shape because of a possible stomach virus.  The rest of the guys up front didn't have the impact one would expect. Overall they just didn't live up to my expectations as a unit.

Linebackers - [B +] - They are a young unit but I think they did very nicely last night. They showed a lot of speed and made some nice tackles in the open field.  Overall they exceeded by expectations for such a young unit.

Secondary - [B] - Another unit that did a nice job given the fact that they were replacing their unquestioned leader D.J.  They did good in coverage not giving up the big play and were able to keep Davis and Ebron in check.


What are your thoughts?  What do we need to improve before heading to Athens to face UGA?

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